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Gels & Paddings - Silicone For Orthosis

Range Contents



Otoform-K2 Impression Material 800g With Catalyst
Dreve Catalyst For Otoform-K2 20ml


Fresco Duo 10 Starting Kit 100g A & B Medium Slicones
Fresco Silicone Starting Kit Box-2 x100g Soft/Med Silicon
Fresco Bland-Rose Soft Silicone Paste-Tub of 500gm
Fresco Catalyst Red All Silicone Types-20g Tube
Fresco Duo 10 Bi-Compound Mixable Soft Silicone
Fresco DUO 30 A+B Mixable Silicone Hard-2 x 250g
Fresco Hard Silicone Putty Orange -500g Tub
Fresco Liquid Silicone Elastic & Flexible-300g
Fresco Polymer Of Silicone Liquid Semi-Rigid-250g
Fresco Reaktol Liquid Catalyst 20ml
Fresco Silicone Semi-Soft Pale Pink-500g Container


It was great news to receive this email from Podiatry NZ in late January this year:

“I am pleased to advise that the Medicines Classification Committee have given favourable consideration to PNZ’s application to have topical antifungal preparations reclassified to allow Podiatrists to sell these products in their practices.”

The Department of Internal Affairs Notice 561 officially Gazetted this change on the 2nd February 2012 listing a range of 10 Pharmacy Only Medicines which had been re-classified:

“For the treatment of Tinea Pedis only or when sold in practice by a Podiatrist registered with the Podiatrists Board.”

Click here for full details of the Gazetted information.


Our most sought after product in this range is RESOLVE SOLUTION - Miconazole 2% w.w. - an effective, liquid anti-fungal treatment available in NZ to Podiatrists only through BENTRA SERVICES LTD

Resolve Solution is easy to apply and dries quickly, making it the ideal way to treat fungal infections in hard-to-get-at areas, such as around the nail and between folds of skin. The formulation’s astringent properties help to keep the infected area dry, aiding recovery.

• Effective treatment for fungal nail and skin infections such as tinea, athlete’s foot, paronychia, onychia, ringworm and pityriasis versicolor.
• Designed for infections that are in difficult to reach areas, such as between the toes or around the nail.
• Free of color, perfume and paraben.